What is a SuperClinic?

The Baseball Ontario SuperClinic is a highly interactive, fast-paced learning environment specifically designed to meet the needs of Level 3 umpires in Ontario. Held once every three years at regional locations across the province, participants rotate through a series of six instructional sessions led by Baseball Ontario’s most experienced and highest qualified umpire instructors.

As a SuperClinic participant, you will have an opportunity to meet and network with fellow umpires, both within and outside of your local area.  Confirmed locations for 2020 are Toronto, Oshawa, London, Bradford, Windsor, Cambridge and Hamilton.  With over 100 umpires in attendance at these large SuperClinics, the learning atmosphere will be exciting and energizing.

New for 2020, a series of smaller SuperClinics will be held in Sudbury, Sault-Ste-Marie, Thunder Bay, Kincardine, Kingston, and Kanata.  These clinics will reduce travel time for some participants, and provide a more intimate learning experience with fewer umpires and instructors.

The regional and specialized format of the SuperClinics allows us to concentrate our resources, provide you with tremendous value for your money, and ensure you receive a unique clinic experience.

What’s new for 2020?

Highlights for 2020 include:

  • This year’s gym session will focus on base and plate skills, rather than calling pitches. The session will utilize a fun, team-based “Skills Competition” format.  Come ready to run, and bring comfortable clothing and non-marking gym shoes!
  • The positioning session will include renewed emphasis on 2-umpire mechanics, as well as review of 3-umpire mechanics taught at past SuperClinics
  • All clinic material and video links will be available on our new 2020 SuperClinic app.  After registering, you will receive information to access the app.
  • A newly designed session will focus on changes to the Official Rules of Baseball that have occurred in recent years, along with specific Baseball Ontario rules
  • All sessions will incorporate video learning elements

 Who can attend?

Any current Level 3 umpires, and all umpires who have completed three years of Level 2 (Level 2.3) are eligible to attend.  Check your level by logging in through "View My Profile" at www.baseballontario.com.

 What if I can't attend any of the SuperClinics?

Umpires who do not attend a SuperClinic must register and attend a local Level 2 clinic, and will be certified as a Level 2.3 umpire for 2020.  Please contact the office for details and assistance. 

How do I register?

Register online on the Baseball Ontario website through your online profile.  Please note, registration is not considered complete until payment is received.  If you have any problems with the online registration process, please phone our office. 

 Why is clinic registration being capped?

As in the past, clinics will be capped to a maximum number of participants. As such, no at door registrations will be accepted at any Level 3 SuperClinic. This allows us to ensure adequate materials are available for all participants, and to maintain appropriate session sizes to ensure a highly interactive environment with effective participant/instructor ratios.

How much does it cost?

Registration is only $55.00, which includes lunch, refreshments, all clinic materials and workbooks, video resources, and your 2020 Baseball Ontario Level 3 certification fee.  We are confident that you will find this to be tremendous value for your money.  Registration is due by March 9th

What if I don't register by March 9th?

After March 9th, you can still register online at a cost of $80.00.  Registrations will be accepted up to one week before the chosen clinic date. Please note, registration is not considered complete until payment is received. 

What if I need to cancel or change dates after I have already registered?

There will be no penalty for cancellations or date changes up to 2 weeks prior to the selected clinic.  Within 2 weeks, changes are subject to a $25.00 processing fee.  Please contact the Baseball Ontario office for registration changes. 

How long will the SuperClinic be?

Registration begins at 8:30 am.  The clinic will run from 9:00 – 4:30, unless otherwise noted. 

What if I need to leave early?

Due to the intensive nature of the training and the fact that SuperClinics occur only once every three years, umpires must attend the full day in order to receive certification.  If you are not able to stay for the full day, please select an alternative SuperClinic date. 

What do I need to bring with me?

The only things you need to bring are yourself, a pen/pencil, umpire hat and mask, comfortable gym clothing and non-marking gym shoes, and an open mind and great attitude!    Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

Will there be an exam?

No, there will be no exam at the Level 3 SuperClinic.  Level 3 umpires write their exam in non-SuperClinic years only.  Since SuperClinics take place only every three years, our goal is to maximize the available time for instruction and interactive learning. 

What is provided for lunch?

Baseball Ontario plans to provide submarine sandwiches for participants (this may change based on what is available geographically).  These will be 12 inch typical assorted subs. We will be able to offer gluten free, vegetarian or lactose free options, and you can indicate that in your registration.  If none of these options work for you please bring your own lunch.

Why do I have to travel so far?

Centralizing the clinics allows us to provide you with training, instructors and resources that would not be possible at smaller, local clinics. 

We have selected the sites for the SuperClinics carefully looking at the provincial distribution of Level 3 umpires.  The sites were selected in such a way that the vast majority of our umpires should have no more than a one-hour drive to their closest SuperClinic.  For 2020, we have added a series of smaller SuperClinics in Kincardine, Kingston, Kanata, Sudbury, Sault-Ste-Marie, and Thunder Bay to further reduce the travel time for many umpires and to provide alternate date options.

In the few cases where umpires need to drive further, we recognize that you will be making a significant commitment to attend a SuperClinic.  It is our hope, given the quality of the training and the fact that you are only asked to do this once every three years, that all Level 3 umpires will make this commitment. 

When will the next SuperClinics be?

 SuperClinics occur on a rotating three year basis.  In 2021 and 2022, Level 3 certification will be done completely online.  Beginning in 2021, Level 3 certification will also include online training modules in partnership with Baseball Canada.

The next Level 3 SuperClinics will take place in 2023.