2022 Certification

All certification for umpires will be online for 2022. See below for the details of certification in 2022.

 View an outline of umpire levels and certification requirements.

Umpires Returning for 2022

For 2022 only, umpires who did not certify during the pandemic (2020 or 2021) are eligible to return to umpiring based on your 2019 level.  Ordinarily, umpires who miss a year of certification drop down one level.

Here are some examples:

 1.  If you were a Level 1.2 umpire in 2019 and didn't register during the pandemic, you may register for a Level 2 clinic and would be certified as a Level 2.1 umpire in 2022.

 2.  If you were a Level 2.2 umpire in 2019 and didn't register during the pandemic, you may register for a Level 2 clinic and would be certified as a Level 2.3 umpire for 2022. 

  3.  If you were a Level 3 umpire in 2019 and didn't register during the pandemic, you will be eligible to write the 2022 Level 3 exam and will be certified as a Level 3 umpire for 2022.

Umpires returning after a longer absence may contact the Baseball Ontario office to apply for recertification. Such application shall be reviewed by the Supervisor of Umpires, who shall consider factors such as previous level, years of certification, reason for the absence, and length of the absence in determining the new certification level for the returning umpire. 

Please email umpire@baseballontario.com and we recommend including a recommendation from your local UIC. 


2022 Level 1 & 2 Certification
Level 1 and 2 Umpires will complete online E-learning modules. Both Level 1 and Level 2 modules available in April. 
Contact your local association to register and pay for a virtual Level 1 or 2 clinic.  You will then receive access to the virtual training modules from Baseball Ontario. 

Email umpire@baseballontario.com if you need contact information for your local association.


 2022 Level 3 Certification  

After our very successful virtual Level 3 SuperClinic last year, 2022 returns to being an “exam” year for Level 3 umpires following our usual three-year cycle.  
In 2022, Level 3 umpires will 
  • complete and submit the Level 3 Umpires Exam
  • complete and submit at least 2 umpire training modules

The exam and training modules are now available. Baseball Ontario is pleased to report that the level 3 fee remains unchanged at $55.

Optional Learning for Level 3:

In addition to the requirments above, Level 3 umpires will have opportunities to:

  • review a Study Guide designated to support umpire learning and successful exam completion
  • view a 2-Umpire Advanced Positioning training session

Level 3 umpires will register and pay directly through their Baseball Ontario profile.  Upon receipt of their payment and registration, Baseball Ontario will send individual umpires links to access the exam and accompanying content.