Extra Player (P2.8 d):

In Minor Peewee, Peewee, Minor Bantam and Bantam, teams may opt to utilize 10 batters in the starting line-up.  The additional batter shall be deemed as the extra player (EP).  The following rules for the EP shall apply:


    1. The option to use the EP must be declared when handing in the line-up card prior to the start of the game.
    2. The EP may bat in any place in the batting order.
    3. The EP will be considered a defensive position and eligible for re-entry.
    4.  If a team using the EP has any players ejected or injured and it results in the team having less than 10 players in the line-up the game shall continue with 9 players.  The batting order will be shifted up to fill the void but otherwise remains the same.


Note: If the player starting in the EP is moved into a defensive position his place in the batting order does not change.  The new EP will bat in the place of the player they replaced.

e)  At Minor Midget and Midget, a team may use either an EP as in P2-8 d) or a designated hitter as in P2-8 f), but the team may not use both an EP and a designated hitter in the same game.  For clarity, a team may also choose not to use either an EP or a designated hitter.

f)  A designated hitter may be used for a pitcher from Minor Midget to Senior as per the Official Rules of Baseball 6:10(b).

g) A designated hitter may be used in any OBA Elimination Tournament only if it is permissible at national level.