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Baseball Ontario Coaching Workshops
Facilities & Equipment:
The host books and pays for the facilities and equipment as follows:
  • Function room (classroom, meeting room, auditorium etc.) with classroom style seating.
  • A separate area, with a table, is required for registration - could be off to the side.
  • Registration must be handled by the host.
  • Adequate washroom facilities must be available.
  • One LCD projector (on a table) with screen & extension cord if required by the clinician.
  • Black board or flip chart if required by the clinician.
Registration/Fees/Cancellation Penalty:

Coaches must register for all workshops through their online profile at nccp.baseball.ca. The host will receive an electronic copy of the list of registrants from the Baseball Ontario office in advance of the workshop(s). The host updates the registration list for actual attendees at the workshop(s). No walk-ins are permitted. The host must return the list of attendees to Baseball Ontario via email after the completion of the workshop(s).

The host must submit the registration fees owing (number of participants times cost per person less deposit paid) to the Baseball Ontario office immediately following the clinic. Fees are as follows:

  • Initiation Workshop $40.00 per person
  • All other Workshops: $50.00 per person per module

Cancellations of workshops must be called into the OBA office and followed immediately by notice in writing.

Cancellation Penalties are as follows:

  • 21 to 8 days prior to the clinic...............................................$50.00
  • 7 or fewer days prior to the clinic............................................no refund
  • The host should maintain contact with the office and confirm their estimated attendance one week prior to the clinic.
  • The Clinician will contact the host 3-6 days prior to the clinic to confirm the final details.
  • Initiation Workshop - requires 5 hrs; we recommend 9am-2:30pm (1/2 hour lunch break)
  • All other workshops require 4 hours. 2 workshops can be run in one day (8 hours plus 1/2 break in between).
  • Coaches must attend complete course to obtain accreditation.