Concussion Awareness

Under Rowan's Law, before any player can be registered for the Ontario Cup, the player, and the parent or legal guardian of the player if the player is under 18 years of age, must review one of the Concussion Education Resources provided by the Province of Ontario and must review the Player Code of Conduct. Links to these resources are provided here and will open in a separate window:

Provincial of Ontario Concussion Education Resources:

Baseball Ontario Player Code of Conduct:

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All players must have permission from their parent/legal guardian in order to register and participate in the Ontario Cup Tournament. In addition, by confirming consent, the parent/legal guardian acknowledges that Baseball Ontario may publish general information about players including, but not limited to, the player's name, playing statistics, photograph(s) etc., as this information relates to the Ontario Cup Tournament and the National Youth Tournament. By checking the box below, the parent/legal guardian confirms that he/she has read all the information provided regarding the Ontario Cup (including the Baseball Ontario waivers) and agrees with same.
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