Governance FAQ's

Question: How do I set up and use a budget?

To set up a budget you need to figure out your sources of income and expenses that you expect to incur.

For a local association your income could be from sources such as registration fees, donations, fund raising, grants, sponsorships, and fines.  Your expenses would consist of uniforms, diamond rental, equipment, umpires, affiliate fees, oba fees, trophies, travel, insurance etc.

The budget should be prepared prior to the season and presented to your Board for discussion & approval.  It should be reviewed at each meeting & compared with the actual report to see if you are on track.

Final - Sample Generic Budget.xlsx



Question:  Our Association wants to develop a Constitution.  Does the OBA have a sample we could look at?

The OBA’s constitution is located on the website under About Baseball Ontario.  An Association constitution would possibly include the following:

Sample Generic Constitution


Other example constitutions include;

Baseball Ontario Constitution


Affiliated Association Constitution Examples:

York Simcoe Baseball Association Constitution

Central Ontario Baseball Association Constitution

Sun Parlour Baseball Association Constitution


Local Association Constitution Examples:

City of Vaughan Baseball Constitution

Newmarket Baseball Constitution Newmarket Bylaws



Question: Our association wants to develop a code of conduct.  Is there a sample I can use?

Some local associations have incorporated this as part of their registration.  A sample player code of conduct would look similar to the one at this link:

Sample Player Code of Conduct

This code of conduct could be modified for coaches, volunteers, board members etc.

Other samples can be found at:


Western Counties Baseball Player Code of Conduct

Western Counties Baseball Parent Code of Conduct

Western Counties Baseball Coach Code of Conduct

Western Counties Baseball Umpire Code of Conduct