Baseball Ontario is offering NCCP clinics through online delivery in preparation of the 2022 season!  If you're interested in taking a clinic, create or sign in to your profile at! 

Please note, each clinic is approximately 4 hours in length.

Coaching Requirements:


Coaches require different levels of certification depending on the level of competition and age group coached.


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At the Board of Directors meeting October 17, 2015, the Board voted in favour of the following:

"All coaches and field managers in their very first year of coaching, will be granted an extension of one (1) calendar year to complete the required modules for their specific division, provided they complete at a minimum the following 5 courses prior to June 15th of their first year coaching:

Coach Initiation in Sport/Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals) (2 part online module)

  1. Initiation Clinic
  2. Teaching & Learning Clinic
  3. Infielding Clinic
  4. Hitting Clinic"

For the purposes of this exception, "very first year of coaching" shall mean has no previous NCCP baseball-specific training.