2021 Insurance Rate, Administrative Fee, Team Fees

For 2021, Baseball Ontario's insurance premiums have risen approximately 12%. As such, the rate per person for the 2021/2022 term is $2.90 per person.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Baseball Ontario is pleased to announce that we have discounted the Administrative Fee charged to members.  For simplicity, this fee is collected along with insurance as a separate charge on the application form. For the last several years the admin fee has been held at $0.60. For 2021 Baseball Ontario has applied a 50% discount to the admin fee, and is charging $0.30 in an effort to provide some relief to local associations as we all struggle to operate through the pandemic.

In addition, earlier this spring Baseball Ontario made the decision to once again suspend team fees charged for both Rep and Select teams rostered with Baseball Ontario (Provincial Registration Fees) for the 2021 season.

Insurance application forms are available under the "Forms" tab above. Applications are due June 1st.  Payment is due August 1st.

As announced at the Town Hall on April 8th, Baseball Ontario received $69,000 from the government that is to be passed along to our local member associations. Funds will be allocated based on the number of players insured as of June 15, 2021.


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