2013 AGM (Slide Show)

Hot Stove Discussion Panel
Coaching Workshop
Coaching Workshop
Risk Management Workshop
Risk Management Workshop
Risk Management Workshop
Around the AGM
Alex Anthopoulos, Guest Speaker
Hall of Fame Induction: Carmen Bush (accepted by H. Birnie)
Hall of Fame Induction: Vi Christopher (accepted by J. Lutton)
Hall of Fame Induction: Fergie Jenkins (accepted by J. Oddi)
Hall of Fame Induction: Windsor Chiefs (accepted by R. Murphy & T. Valcke)
Riley Scandlan, Jr Umpire of the Year
Bill Fleming, Sr Umpire of the Year (accepted by S. Moore)
Keith McConkey, Don Gilbert Umpire of the Year
Chad Dube, Youth Coach of the Year
Scott Chapman, Adult Coach of the Year
Noah Naylor, Youth Player of the Year
Justin Gideon, Adult Player of the Year
Anthony Vavaroutsos, Youth Pitcher of the Year
Alexander MacKinnon, Adult Pitcher of the Year
Joe Chauvin, Volunteer of the Year
London Badgers Team of the Year (accepted by M. Lumley)
Marc Picard, President
Cathy Lamarucciola, Director of the Year
Ontario, Province of the Year Award (Baseball Canada)
ICBA, Association of the Year (accepted by Jason Little)

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