2012 AGM (Slide Show)

Robert Nelson, Level 1-2 Umpire of the Year
Barry D
Justin Snively, Level 5 Umpire of the Year
Frank Gallo, Youth Coach of the Year
Terry Oulds, Adult Coach of the Year
Jason Stott, Youth Player of the Year
Matthew Smith, Adult Player of the Year (accepted by Cam Smith)
Brady Wagenhoffer, Fergie Jenkins Youth Pitcher of the Year
Blake Weston, Fergie Jenkins Adult Pitcher of the Year
Tom Laporte, Jack Middlemass Volunteer of the Year (accepted by Rob Motruk)
Brampton Bantam Royals, Team of the Year
Allan Ebert, Barry Salt Director of the Year
Bob Elliott, President
COBA, George Spalding Association of the Year

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