a)      All coaches and field managers, in order to be on an OBA roster after June 30 of the playing year, must have achieved one of the following:

                                                      i.      NCCP trained status, which includes online initiation and workshop or

                                                     ii.      NCCP Level 1, which includes technical, theory and practical.

b)      For OBA Elimination tournaments, coaches must meet the Baseball Canada certification requirements applicable to the national tournament they would attend if their team won the Elimination tournament.

c)      Managers and coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players both on and off the field until departure from the park.  An infraction may result in a suspension for the next scheduled game in that OBA Play-off or to further suspension depending on the severity of the circumstances of the incident at the discretion of the tournament host’s protest and discipline committee.  Nothing in this paragraph limits the application of P2-13.

d)      In Junior and below, at least one certified coach or manager listed in the Helpers Roster of the Local Association must be present and on the bench for each game.  If there is no coach/manager present or the only coach/manager present is ejected, then the game is forfeited.

e)      All coaches and managers come under the jurisdiction of the umpires during games and are subject to penalties. The umpires shall see that the rules governing coaches and managers in all games are strictly enforced.

f)       As per the Official Rules of Baseball, in Minor Bantam and above, any team member in uniform may act as a base coach.  Where a player in Minor Bantam, Bantam, Minor Midget or Midget is acting as a base coach, the player must wear a helmet.